Our current book is Frankie Manning: Ambassador of Lindy Hop by Frankie Manning and Cynthia Millman.

You can purchase the book here. Please note, we do not receive any monetary kickbacks from your Amazon purchase, but simply offer it as an easy online purchase option.

      • Reading Schedule:
        • Jun 28 – Jul 4: Prologue, First Steps, Jazz Baby
        • Jul 5 – Jul 11: Early Ballroom Forays, Savoy Dancer, To the Savoy at Last
        • Jul 12 – Jul 18: Whitey, Shorty, and Stretch, Win Win, Up in the Air She Goes
        • Jul 19 – Jul 25: Whitey’s Lindy Hoppers, Going Pro, Big Time at the Cotton Club
        • Jul 26 – Aug 1: A Big Apple for Whitey, On Broadway and in the Movies
        • Aug 2 – Aug 8: Down Rio Away, War and Home, Dancer Interrupted
        • Aug 9 – Aug 15: The Congaroo Dancers and a Day Job, Second Act, Revival